1000 Piece Wine Puzzle – Italy


1000 Piece Wine Puzzle – Italy

  • Start Time: 12:00am
  • End Time: 12:00am

This unique puzzle is the same as we use on our Wine & Puzzle nights

This jigsaw puzzle takes you on a journey through Italy’s exceptional wine regions, one piece at a time. Expertly crafted and beautifully illustrated, this puzzle captures the essence of Italian winemaking by highlighting the grape varieties that have made Italy one of the world’s most beloved wine destinations. From Sangiovese to Nebbiolo to Glera, the puzzle features the signature grapes on the map and celebrates their unique aromas and characteristics.

Curated by sommelier experts, the accompanying box features grape profiles of the most famous Italian grapes, complete with food pairing tips so you can savor the true flavors of the Dolce Vita. Get ready to explore the depths of Italian wine culture and indulge in a puzzling experience like no other!

Size: 1000 pieces

Puzzle dimensions: 48 x 68 cm; 18.9″ x 26.8″

Shipping is not included. Orders can be picked up in our café, or contact us to make other arrangements.

  • Date:
  • Start Time: 12:00am
  • End Time: 12:00am


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