Stirred, not shaken


Stirred, not shaken

  • Date: May 03, 2024
  • Start Time: 6:30pm
  • End Time: 8:30pm

3 Bond Classics

  • Dry Martini
  • Negroni
  • Manhattan

To create an excellent cocktail, you must follow certain mixing methods.

We can use a very popular technique called ‘’shake and drain’’, but this technique is only beneficial when it’s more difficult to combine all the components of a cocktail.

On the other hand, we used a technique called ‘stirred, not shaken’’ –  Stirring cocktails combines flavors in a less aggressive way than shaking. When you make a stirred drink, you minimize the amount of dilution that occurs, allowing for less ice water to mix in with your ingredients and better balance the concentration of spirits.


In this class, guests will:

Learn how to make different classic cocktails using the shaking technique, such as the Dry Martini, Negroni, and Manhattan.


*This experience is open to people 19+

To ensure we start the class on time, please arrive a few minutes prior to the event. Safety is our #1 priority. Please ensure you plan for a safe ride home.

*taxes not included, gratuities welcomed on-site

  • Date: May 03, 2024
  • Start Time: 6:30pm
  • End Time: 8:30pm


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