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Hello, my name is Eric Effinger, I was born and raised in Southern Ontario, where I discovered my passion for hospitality at a young age. Throughout my life, I have been dedicated to honing my skills in order to elevate the guest experience and create memorable events. As a student of hospitality, I have always strived to be at the forefront of the industry. After completing my education, I embarked on a thrilling journey in Toronto, where I had the privilege of working with a renowned restaurant group. In this role, I managed incredible venues and had the opportunity to plan and organize large-scale events. These experiences not only showcased my organizational skills but also allowed me to interact with a diverse range of individuals, making each event unique and unforgettable. However, as much as I loved the bustling city life, I made the decision to move to Moncton in pursuit of a better quality of life and to prioritize my family. The move provided me with a fresh perspective and allowed me to create a balance between my professional aspirations and personal life. Moncton’s vibrant community and emphasis on family values resonated with me, offering a sense of fulfillment and contentment that I had been seeking. I am excited to plant and create roots here, meet amazing people and hopefully be a part of planning some amazing experiences for this community at the Brix Experience.


Chef Regan has been in the hospitality business for over twenty five years. Her family’s restaurant, The Hobby Horse Arms, where she began her culinary career was open for 23 years before closing in 2020. She attended Georgian College in the apprenticeship program and has worked at Terra Restaurant, The Mezza Luna, Fitz’s Crab Shank, Mrs. Mitchelle’s, The North, Joy Restaurant in Leaslieville, Frankies, Hitching Ring at the Royal Winter Fair, The Club at Bond Head and she was the Executive Chef at Emerald Hills Golf and Country. Catering is another component of her hospitality career for companies like Uberflip at the CBC Glen Gould Theatre, the Ontario Hazelnut Association, Canadian Tire productions, Untraceables Blockchain Futurist Conference hosting two thousand participants, private weddings, rehearsals, birthdays and other joyous celebrations. After becoming a cooking school coordinator for a few years and teaching and coordinating programs for all ages for the Loblaws corporation at their top earning school in Richmond Hill, Chef Regan expanded her family and worked part time teaching at Loblaws, Longos, working in her family restaurant and a doing little catering. During the pandemic her family decided to close the restaurant and move to New Brunswick. She has a rich culinary career that she loves to share with tips, stories, and practical demonstrations which can be easily recreated at home.


Marcel Richard brings with him a passion for all that is wine and food related, he has upwards of 35 years of experience in the food, wine, spirits and beer industry, WSET Level 3 certified. His science background (Master of Science) allows him to bring a more critical aspect in creating new recipes, or in his wine, spirit or beer tastings and presentations. Having spent the last 12 years as a Product Advisor for a leading beverage supplier and specializing in food and beverage pairing, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge, passion and professionalism. When not involved with wine and food, you can find Marcel in the woods foraging wild mushrooms and plants, or fishing the nearest stream or ocean wharf.


Linda is a wellness chef who specializes in creating healthy and inclusive cuisine. She understands the importance of catering to different dietary needs and preferences. As a catering business owner, Linda has successfully organized and executed over 100+ events, ensuring that every guest is satisfied with the food. Overall, Linda is a highly experienced and talented professional in the food industry. With her expertise in healthy and inclusive cuisine, as well as her passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge, she continues to make a positive impact at Brix daily.  Linda has also added her love for baking to Brix and fills our Cafe with sweet and healthy treats on a daily basis.


Aaron is an adventurous, creative, and socially driven person. He loves taking on new challenges and setting the bar high with every endeavor. In his spare time his hobbies include playing guitar, cooking and going to the gym. He’s narrowed down two integral pieces of his life puzzle. “I will be happy as long as I’m being creative and connecting with people.” Those two necessary facets combine to elevate him and those around him.


With a deep-rooted passion for coffee, Alex has dedicated almost 10 years to the art of making delicious brews, and delivering exceptional guest experience. His journey went from the quick-service chains, to relaxed bistros, to finally settling on offering the best possible specialty coffee experience to our guests here in Moncton. Alex currently curates our cafe menu, leads our barista team, and constantly strives to elevate the coffee experience for our guests. His commitment allows him to share his love for creating special coffee moments and educating guests on what coffee can represent. He is excited to stay up to date on the latest trends and share them with you.

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